Monday, December 10, 2018

International human rights day | Día internacional de los derechos human

to international human rights day:
Human rights day is
the day
when you
can be fully human,
to stop the U.S. disaster,
to the past,
with the possibilities
of liberation,
human liberation,
in the new day.
When indigenous
The People of the Earth
The original human
The human emblem of humanness
When migrants
are the norm
for humanity
To be fully human
is to be a nomad, a migrant
to walk without weariness
to the define the horizon of liberation
I am 
we are
A little ration
(of humanness)
never hurt anyone...


al día internacional de derechos humanos:
El día de los derechos humanos es
el día
puedes ser plenamente humano
frente al desastre estadounidense,
al pasado,
con las posibilidades
de la liberación,
la liberación humana,
en el día nuevo.
Cuando los indígenas
los indios
El Pueblo de la Tierra
los humanos originales
La bandera humana de la humanidad
Cuando las migrantes
son la norma
de ser humano
Y ser humano integral
es ser nómada, es ser migrante
es caminar sin cansancio
para definir el horizonte de la liberación
por lo tanto
Una pequeña ración
(de humanidad)
nunca ha lastimado a nadie ...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Un-Notes on Unutopias | Unlike me or others

Unlike unme unyou unothyers unyoke
uncola unthink unenemy unstranger unpasserby uncitizen unimmigrant
unart unpoetic unlove unhate unindifference
unstruggle unliberate
unwalk ungestate unborn
unsmile unlink unsmirk
untweet unspam unhand unhug unfuck
unsing unerase unwrite unread
unfight uncheat unchew unthrow-up
unrainbow unblush unlaugh unemail
unfinger unhand unspit unsnitch
unstrum unstrung unlynch unrace ungender unclass unconsciousness
undeath unlife unalone unloan unloner
unteach uneducate unliterary uncommunicate
unspeak untongue unswallow unstupid unsmart
unwash unclean undirt undirty unshit
unfool unface unspy unwear unstare
unpage unfan unlist unserve unlick unfart unsmell unsquelch unbelch
unpregnant unquote uninseminate
unvote unbomb uninvade unoccupy unassassinate unnuke unstate unpower unexploit unoppress
unsex uncolor unlanguage unclass unpigment unskin unborder unmilitarize
unmigrate unmigrant undisplacement
unneoliberalism unimperialism
unpioneer unpilgrim uncowboy unbuffalo ungenocide unfemnicide
unwarm unclimate unglobalization uninjustice uniequality unfreedom unrights
unguns unkill unwound unheal undrive-by-shooting
untag ungraffiti unheart unburn unleave unabandon
unproletarianize unbourgeosie unroot unforget unmemory
unfist unviolence unpeace unwar
unfront unliberation
unearthquake untsunami untide
unsuck untuck unplastic
untrash unflash unarm
unhorizons uncosmos unnations
unweapons unmanifestos
unzoo unpollution uncontaminate unhear unfear unbit
ungallop unfast unslow undie unold unage unyoung ungreen
undentures unfang unraid unhuman unwoman unman unboy ungirl
untongue unargue undebate undefine unjoke unwhere unhere unthere uneverywhere
unmarichi unson unzapatista unqueer uncorrido unhuasteca undance unhip-hop unrap
unmexicanize unmexican unearth unmoon unsun unplanets
unwinter untragedy unbreak-up unhook-up unone-night untype
unwipe unsurrender
untenderness unharshness unpoet ungods unchurch unpriest unnun unaltarboys unbelievers
unsaints uncommunion unlevitate unjesus uncross
unterrorist unwar-on-terror unabu-ghraib
unjail undeport unnaturalize uncitizen unresident unwelfare
uncapital uninvestments
unvirgin unwhore unmother unlady unscrew
unadmit uncomment unpost unthanksgiving unX-mas
unrock-n-roll unjazz unmix unears unclick unsew
unsing uninvent unclap unnote unscream unerror unferal unbreak
unsteak unvegan unsquash unsunset unwake unsleep unthroat
unaztec unaztlan untwirl unfurl unyou unme unus unasshole
uncondemn unbury unship unletter unbreath unsmoke
unhigh unlow unaddict unscreech undrunk unhangover
uncry undump unhump unbruise
ungoodbye unforever unvow unmarry undivorce unpregate
unerection unerectile unfunctional unviagra unsmooch
unsting unscammed unscar unbar unculture unignorance unclassconscious unimagine
untime unclock undeposit
unwork unemployed unstrike
unslap uninsult unlusion undeception undeceive
unmoan ungroan undespair unweary
unalone untogether uncollective unfamily unhome unhouse unhomeless
unmop unsweep unclean unutopia unleft unright unmiddle-class unday-laborer unservant
unwarmth uncold unwow unmow unkick unhistory
unrain unsnow unscarce undrought unshortage unflu unpoor unpoverty unillness uncommunity
unpurity unpeople unbatter unpolice unresist unfist unfightback unmarch unprotest unslogan
undogmatic undogma unchrist unkneel unprison unclouds unaccident
uncall untext unpicture unbed undream unnightmare unsnore unanxiety unanxious
undownload unupload unradio untv uncommercial unactor unsit-com uncapitalize
unpride unbrown unsleep unmurder unbrand unwhite unblack unputdown unfalse-consciousness
uncortez uncolumbus undisappear uncolonize unempire unracism unclassism unsexism unheterosexism
unagonize unhurt unhibernate uninsured uncorporations unfreetrade unponzyscheme unscheme
unshame unfallapart unaccent undiscriminate unlead unhello uncontrol
ungrey unagism unhomophobia unxenophobia unborders unlimited
undependent unco-dependent undocument unillegal unminority
unlast unfirst unalone unbetter unindividualism ungatedcommunity
unbarrier unprofiling unpush unhush
unchachacha unipod undisaster unpredictible unstoppable unutopias

Friday, November 02, 2018

POEMAS PARA MIS MUERTITOS | word festival for my dearest ones holding on to life |

Every day is the day of my dead

I harvest their suns
and their pleasures erupt on my tongue
My dead are troubled, always asking for more time on earth,
Rebirth without redeath
Love without betrayal
Fire without water to burn alive
They are not ghosts who inhabit the stairwells of my brain
They do not possess anything
They didn't possess nothing to begin with but their lives
No land, No capital, No real estate,
No gold, No banks, No trust funds
No human and nonhuman slaves
They were born with only their bones and their laughter
And in death they do not even want to possess you

My dead crawl around in my skin
My dead do not let me be still or dream without dreaming with them
My dead surround me
I am in a constant state of siege
Ancestors, relatives, neighbors whose deaths demand life and memory
Damn ancestors can't get their own lives together

So they persist and insist on remembrance
When I hum on maize, beans, squash
and the communal table of our graves
They stand and sit at my side
They dance and grieve when I am sad or complain
They know being alive is sometimes worse than being dead
but being alive is always better than being dead, they sing.
Especially the dead who have no one to remember them at their side and insides,
they holler and roar in the shadows and in your future grave

Look at yourself in the mirror of dust,
pass some of it through your fingers
Put a pinch of dust in your coca cola like a Mexican migrant
Take a swig of the sweetness of the earth
Burn some copal
Or a cigarette 
if your grandfather or grandmother dug that

I know my abuelita liked her coffee black
sometimes with sugar, sometimes without,
depending on her mood and yearnings
She would dip cookies, pan dulce or white bread in her cup to balance the bitterness
I know my grandfather liked his camel cigarettes
and his ration of one beer a day after work,
but nothing else pleased them more than their family and their daily roar of songs and story

I take care of my dead like piles of books,
files full of stories and poems and important dramas in our lives
I have their unemployment records,
their wedding photographs,
their unfulfilled dreams
and their way of living that never dies...

I don't celebrate my dead
My dead celebrate me
My dead have a hard time being dead
(Just like sometimes I have a hard time being alive)
My dead love being alive
My living abhor death
Life banishes death
Death accepts life
My dead and living love each other
A clacking embrace of skeletal desires
We each practice sleeping without breathing
We each practice breathing without sleeping
We each practice holding each other
We lie and live in a bed of blues
The skin of dreams is black
Our words are our memory of the first kiss
Our lips glazed with blue rouge offering an eternal kiss
I honor my dead by staying alive beyond my means
I carry my dead
in my love,
in my hair,
in my eyes,
in the palms of my blood
I am my dead
I am alive through them
My dead sway in the maize stalks
My dead roll around in the dust and the rain and the mud
My dead flirt, fool around, make fun of the living, they say:
You haven't lived until you've died!
[November 2, 2013 — Oakland-Mictlán]


Our dead will never die
Our life will never end
We carry each other into
the blue and brown realms,
the red and black songs
the yellow and the milky ways

We embrace and trade places
to reach the edge of space
I accompany the migrant ghosts
on their viaje/trips
to drink together
from the wells of light and heart
We are the belly-button people
howling at the earth

Our words are
the oceanic umbilical waves
nourishing us
as we gestate
the passing
from one side to the other

Life is death’s contractions
Death is life’s compact
to keep the others alive

The constellations pock-mark my skin
The rain pierces my body,
flesh offerings,
liquid suns,
oozing from my lunar wounds

My dead will never die
My living and my relations bind us
In a whirlwind of tenderness...

Nuestros muertos nunca morirán
Nuestra vida nunca terminará
Nos cargamos unos a los otros
a los reinos celestes y terrestres
a los cantos rojos y negros
a las vías amarillas y lacteas

Nos abrazamos y cambiamos de lugar
para alcanzar la orilla del espacio
Acompaño los espíritos migrantes
en su jornada
para beber juntos
de los cenotes de la luz y los corazones
Somos los pueblos del ombligo
aullando a la tierra

Nuestras palabras
son las olas umbilicales del oceáno
dándonos el pan de la tierra
la transición
de un lado al otro

La vida es la contracción de la muerte
La muerte es el compacto de la vida
para que en todas sigan vivas

Las estrellas agujerean mi piel
La lluvia perfora mi cuerpo,
ofrendas de carne,
soles de agua,
escurriendo de mi herida lunar

Mis muertos nunca morirán
Mis muertos y mis relaciones nos tejen
en un remolino de ternura ...  
[21 octubre 2018]


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Monday, October 23, 2017

New poetry chapbook! Poets against War & Racism | Poetas contra la guerra y el racismo

Order your copies of Poets against War & Racism here.

Here's the first in a series of chapbooks that we will be publishing to read and work together to raise our voices and ink (real & virtual) against the calamaties of capitalism: war and racism.

At the core of our words is the belief that we can create the world, small and big, horizontal and communal, where we are safe to be ourselves, free and self-determined.

To get there we have to create and practice the new language.

So here is a small offering by five poets who are against war & racism and for deep community and justice.

Get one for yourself and get two or more for your friends and families.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ayotzinapa [the place of small turtles]

Ayotzinapa [lugar de las tortuguitas]

Para los 43 normalistas desaparecidos de Ayotzinapa | For the 43 student-teachers disappeared from Ayotzinapa

de 43 heridas
continente dulce
contaminado por
un imperio podrido
de 43 guerras sin fin
imperios destruidos
del mundo
que se juntan
en el rincón
de américa
ombligo lunar ...

| * |

Ayotzinapa [Place of the small turtles]

precious turtle
with 43 wounds
beloved américa
rotting empire
with 43 wars without end
empires to be destroyed
from around the world
in a corner
of América
belly button of the moon...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Soy del otro lado | I am from the other side

Soy del otro lado
del lado bravo
del lado tuyo
del lado izquierdo
donde tengo el nido
para tus abrazos
Soy del otro lado
donde los muros
son las sombras
que persiguen
a los policías
que defienden
a los tiranos del mercado
Y el sol está
a nuestro lado
el lado de la tierra
el lado de las lágrimas con sus sonrisas
el lado de la luna llena y vacía
el lado que es combustible para las estrellas
el lado donde somos íntegros
el lado que divide a las bestias
adomándolas con nuestra luz
el lado que nos abriga
contra la rabia del dinero
Soy de ese lado
con sus seis direcciones y sus siete espacios
donde los abrazos abren cielos y puertas
donde los llantos espantan a las fronteras
y las mujeres nos dan su espalda
para cargarnos y sobrevivir
Del lado donde nuestros desaparecidos
Soy del otro lado
del lado tuyo...

[Abril 2016]

| * |

I am from the other side

I am from the other side
from the side of the Bravo
from your side
from the left side
where I have a nest
for your arms
I am from the other side
where the walls
are shadows
that chase down
the police
that defend
the tyrants of the markers
And the sun is
on our side
on the side of the earth
on the side of tears with smiles
on the side of the of the full and empty moon
on the side that is fuel for the stars
on the side where we are whole
on the side that divides the beasts
taming them with our light
on the side that holds us
against the rage of money
I am from that side=
with its six directions and seven spaces
where our embrace open up skies and doors
where our cries threaten borders
and the women give us their backs
to carry us and to survive
From the side where our disappeared
I am from the other side
from your side ...

[April 2016]

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The four directions of my border blues

I miss
the four directions

of my blues
the four musics

of my valley
the guitarist

the drummer
the friend
geniuses all
beheaded by whites
loved by Mexicans
Elvira and her sister, too
The tula fog

the cries
for the mother
The music was our music
we knew we would never see each other again
never gave up the blues
never surrendered to the night of our long separation

Tacuache bellowing,
hair down to his hips,
I want pussah, pussah
Homer roaring in laughter
I am in the back seat remembering us all
Where's Cinthia?
She was my outcast, my future woman
I would love and love always
eternity had her names, ours
Johnson was a madman

with a Gibson strapped across his shoulder
Crow the music organism
Tacuache spirit armed with spirit to pound away our fears
Homer the friend we would never give up
Then we left each other

We left each other
and ever since

music is
unfinished tenderness...