Sunday, June 30, 2013

the noise of the noiseless

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I am the noise of the noiseless
I am the sex of the sexless
I am the orgasm of the orgasmless
I am the leg of the legless
I am the god of the godless
I am the mouth of the mouthless
I am the nose of the noseless
I am the eye of the eyeless
the blind of the blindless
the heart of the heartless
the seed of the seedless
the son of the sonless
the love of the loveless
O I am the voice of the voiceless (more or less)
the tonsil of the tonsilless
the silly of the silliest
the path of the pathless
the apathy of the apathyless

O I am the aim of the aimless
the scorn of the scornless
I am the land of the landless
I am the migrant of the migrantless
I am the ink of the inkless
the paper of the paperless
the documented of the documentedless
the undocumented of the undocumentedless
the illegal of the illegalless
the human of the inhumanless
the male of the maleless
the man of the manless
the erect of the erectless
the secret army of the proletarian armyless
the mess of the messless
the shadow of the unshadowed
the punk of the punkless
the shit of the shitless
the wit of the witless
the brains of the brainless
the more of the less
the more or less-less
I am the hope of the hopeless
the care of the careless
the cruelity of the cruel-less
the top of the topless
the bottom of the bottomless pit
i am the stink of the stinkless
the skunk of the skunkless
the music of the musicless
the mute of the muteless
the karma of the karmaless
the caramel of the appleless
I am the passion of the passionless
the hatred of the hateless
I am the body of the bodiless
hear me well, more or less, voiceless
for I am the sign of the signless
the deaf of the deafless
the dog of the dogless
I am the tattoo for the tattooless
I am the skin of the skinless
the nudity of the nudeless
the breast upon which of the breastless suckle
the lips of the lipless
the hip of the hipsterless
the style of the stylishless
the unpublished of the unpublishedness
the queer of the straightless
the long-play of the shortstopless
the grand slam of the hungerless
the lust of the lustless
the kiss of death of the lipless
the laughter of the laughless
the happiness of the sadless
the fucked up one of the unfucked ones
the hipster with double hip replacementless
the admonisher of the admonishless
the hand of the handless
O I am more or less human
more or less understood
more or less loveable
more or less
given an lifeless or two
I am the weeroh of the grasshoppers counting the heat of the sun's rhythms
I am the voice of the suffocating dreamless
I am the body entering the bodyless
I am the possession of the dispossessed
I am the tenderness of the hardenedless
I am the contradiction of the dictionless
I am the field, the hoe, the migrant, the whore, the shore, the mostless
I am the holy of the holyless
I am the sacred of the profaneless
the sin of the sinless
the hell of the hell-less
the purgatory of the constipatedless
I am the color of the colorblindness
the healer of the healless
the shoe of the shoeless
the scar across the back of the spineless
I am the cacophony of the cacophonyless
the cacao of the chocolateless
the poetry of the poetless
the saliva of the drymouthedness
I am the spit of the spitless
the smile of the sweet revengeless
I am the humanfan, unfolding,
the crack of the crackless
the drug of your manic choiceless
the vice of the viceless
the voice of the choiceless
the coitus of the handless
the leper of the leopardless
the assassin of the unassailableless
the bullet of the clueless
the shadow of the sunless
the wrinkle in time of the timeless
the space of the spaceless
the nectar of the flowerless
the loneliness of the solitudeless
I am O I am
the nothing of the nothingness
the synthesis of antithesis
the anti-matter of the matter-of-fact-less
the chingon of the chingonless
the puta of the putaless
the horn of africa for the buffaloless
the aztlan of your landless desire for land
the spontaneity of the masses for the massless
the community of the lostless
the soul of the soulless
the thought of the thoughtless
the vile of the vileless
the war of the warless
the peace of the peaceless
the weapon of the unarmedless
the word of the wordless
the voice of the viciousless
the viciousness of the speakerless
the democracy of the democratless
the notes of the noteless
the compost of the dungless
the fire of the fireless
I am O I am forever walking for the walkless
I am the job of the jobless
I am the revolution for the revolutionless
I am the justice for the injustless
I am the vision of the sightless
I am the rotting teeth of the teethless
I am the almighty for the mightyless
I am a world traveller for the localless
I am the commonest manifesto for the manifestoless
I am the listener for those who are never listened to the earless
the glue for the glueless
I am O I am the center for the centerless
I am the ballet for the clubfootedless
I am the drunk for the teetotalerless
the dictator of the dictatorshipless
I am the spoiled fruit of the fruitless
I am the soiled of the soiledless
I am the alibi of the guiltyless
the sorcerer of the witchless
the baying of the bitchless
the sixth sun of the sunless
the distant thunder of the rainless
the traitor of the complacentless
the missive of the illiterateless
the missile of the armyless
the doomsday of the presidential bunkerless
I am the cost of bad schooling and good mannerismsless,
I am a curandera of the healthless
I am the inexhaustible panting of the pantless
the butt of the jokeless
the glass eye of the glassless
I am the rage of your voicelessness
I am by all accounts a ventriloquist of the woodenless
I am a stand-up communist of the proletarian revolutionary punchline of march
a noise among the noisyness
a nose among the nosyness
The nooses for the counterrevolutionaries
I am the representation of the representationless
the loss of the lossless
more or less...


poem & painting by arnoldo garcĂ­a
"El poets," 25"x22" (2011, mixed media)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

you buried my placenta

You buried
my placenta
next to you
so that every night and day
we could walk together
we could sleep together
we could love together
to drag ourselves
through the detritus of your womb
whirling into suns

My placenta
floats and flies
around you
inside you
lacerating the oceans
with tiny waves of flesh offerings
a rhythm of two bodies
grasping at
the suns of my breasts
where the milky way drips from my nipples

I am wave,
and bread
your roots and your mouth
with my tongue
made of gravitational fields
where cosmic farmworkers
trample valleys and plant seed
bursting the oceans of your breasts

my placenta
to you:
I know
I was offered
to calm your body
I know
I was buried
to rub myself
into your existence

my placenta

[Seattle-Oakland, circa 1989]