Saturday, November 24, 2012

La comuna de nuestra lengua | The commune of the tongue

La comuna de nuestra lengua |
The commune of our tongue 
a communion
of commotion
a commovement
of movements
who will revolutionize
the skin
of our languages
our tongues
as invisible
as transparent
as the most illegal of illegals
as the most undocumented of undocumented
as the most minority of minorities
as the most queer of the queer
as the most visible of the invisible
as the most remembered of the forgotten
as the lowest of the lowliest
as the most homeless among the homelandless
as the most human of humanityness
so when you put your words in the vibrating air
anyone can step into them
feel at home
transliterating freedoms
obliterating the muteness
making the world
into jagged pieces
that fit together in their crags and ragged tendernesses
disperses in orderly chaos
organizes in spontaneous spring-times, whatever the season
who dares make the commotion together
who dares make the movement different
who cares about tomorrow, the natural world
who cares about the land, the community
who cares about our bones, the wind
who dares the sun to return for the sixth time, the continents
who dares to stop time
and return to the starting place?
I am a human out of place
I am a human in a country no longer human
I am a human in every road, path, trail, a movement
Congealing, coalescing, germinating
on the magnetic waves of tenderness
on the gravitational fields of freedom
on the bare arms of a campesina
a commotion
a communition
a cosmomovement of neighbors.


I do not want a revolution of empleados
I want a revolution of emplumados.


No quiero una revolución de empleados
Quiero una revolución de emplumados.


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