Monday, September 21, 2020

Earth Justice

SPARE the air
Spare the water
Spare the soil, the land, the sun
Spare the born to be
Spare the new born
Spare the children
Spare the young, the youth, the youthful
Spare the young and old, the abuelas & abuelos
Spare the elders, the ancestors and the dust
Spare the sacred sites and their people
Spare you, me, us, them
Spare the colors and the seasons
Spare the roots, the seeds, the flowering suns
Spare the rivers, creeks, oceans, clouds and the mud
Spare the wind that whirls on your tongue
Spare the waves across your skin
Spare yourself from the contamination
Spare the souls of everyone
Spare the two-legged creatures, the worms,
the serpent-clouds, the four-legged,
the two-winged, the insects and their nuptial bed
Spare the bees, the butterflies, the ants, the gnats, the mothers-to-be
Spare the future from the past
Spare the past from the present
Spare time from space and space from time

Spare everything except our hearts,
an offering to spare the cosmos from the human sacrifice
Struggle dismantle the extinction
Don't spare the human predators
Don’t spare the capitalists and their weapons
Don’t spare war and racism
Don’t spare the smokestacks and their e-industrialists...

[September 20, 2019]

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