Sunday, August 08, 2010

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Philosophical Materialism

I have gone mad, lost my mind in a mall.

I have gone from nothingness to everythingism:
I need to buy everything
CDs, shoes, blouses, shirts, underwear, designer jeans
earrings, perfumes, lotions, vacation homes, maids

I have gone from idealism to materialism
turned the world into a store
turned my ideas into a thrift shop
turned my heart into an auction
turned my body into an wishful-thinking six-figure salary
I am what I own
I am worth something because I own, I buy, I shop for the very best

What is primary?
My idea of a sale; can I buy it; can I own it; can I take it home; can I make it mine
What is secondary?
Whether I can beat out the other shopper.
What is tertiary?
whether i need it or not, i have it.

The thing determines my being
my being is a reflection of the things I can buy
the thing has become a thing-for-my-self

What is primary?
Materialism, own, own, own, property, things, people in my service
Matter determines ideas
Ideas are in the stores, I look for sales, I shop therefore I am.

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