Tuesday, April 01, 2014

If I were human | day one poetry month

If I were human
I would be a woman
Whose fists would be tenderness filled with thorns.
I would worry about nothing except my daughters

I would love freely
The man who would make me laugh at philosophy
The man who would not hurt ants or my tears.

If I were human
I wouldn't fear unemployment
I wouldn't fear the distance that keeps me from her
I wouldn't fear anything except not being able to love
in the rain of winters without hope

If I were human
You would be happy, more fearless than you already are
You would be able to live
where the sun sets & rises without losing your place.

You would say:
Your wrinkled skin,
your battered lungs do not matter
Only that your heart pounds in my hands
Only that your smile is a machete to wield against my darkness
That your scars are the DNA of my pleasure

If I were human
Utopia would be now
Wherever we go,
wherever we are...

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