Wednesday, April 02, 2014

To be you | day two poetry month

To be in you
To be you
I submerge my body
in the waters
of your laughter
I submerge my tongue
in the book
of your hips
I quiver body under tongue
panting out
bullets, wars, the dead.
panting in you:
the DNA of tenderness.
I submerge myself
in you
covering my skin
with your scars
drowning your pain in mine
and the earth tumbles
at your breasts

My body sways
in the waves cupped by your hands
my tongue
tiny flesh offerings
carried away
by ants
made of ink
scribbling away my veins
into the dust
My torso goes that way
my arms, legs and skull disappears
finding sanctuary
in the realm
of burrowing insects
and worms

You no longer cry
you can no longer be beaten
your eyes
your lips
your hair
your scars
your sorrows
your joys
your body

I am forgiven
I am remembered
I become.

(an ant stings your foot
sending the electricity
of my shadow
across yours)

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