Tuesday, April 05, 2011

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April 5

arnoldo garcía

[excerpt from drafts of guerra poemas in La revolución emplumada]

the comfort zone

where are
the comfort women?
where are the comfort artists?
where are the comfort words
so that soldiers can forget their brutality
to take it out on women
ridicule art
and mangle human tongues
for at least one night
or even just for a few hours?
where is the comfort President tonight?
Where is the comfort Senator and the comfort Congressman?
will they sleep
with the mutilated widow,
with the traumatized soldier,
wit the wounded in a deep coma,
with the human remains of the soldier?
where is the comfort citizen,
the comfort peace,
so we can vote one more time?
where is the comfort march
so that we can protest one more time
the comfort war
so that we can bring democracy and freedom
wherever our bombs explode
wherever our armies occupy?
where is
my comfort woman
my comfort man
my comfortable war?
Send them comfort-bombs
comfort mercenaries
U.S. kills day and night
and you expect comfort in the end


The U.S. War:
World War I
World War II
the Cold War
the Korean
the Vietnam
the Dominican
the Cuban
the Panamá
the Grenada
the Haitian
the Nicaraguan
the El Salvador
the Narco
the Bosnian
the Afghanistan
the Sudanese
the Israeli
the Palestinian
the Iraq
the Iranian
the Afghanistan
the Mexico border
the Libya
the U.S. war....


when will I live
in an ordinary
no wars
no invasion
no fly-zone
not even a threat
no drive-bys
no hunger
no greed
to drive us
to coercion
to veiled
and unveiled
no armed men
no hating men
no sexual harassment
no demonstrations
or marches
other than to show poetry
display art and affection
when will I wake up
this ordinary
my ordinary
not disabled by violence
differently placed
in the kingdom of laughter
an ordinary country?

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