Saturday, April 02, 2011

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arnoldo garcía

April 2

manifesto ternura

tomorrow soon I will wake up
in your arms, homeland.
I will go towards you
You become a shadow of water
and here I am searching for a well,
a cenote, a fountain, dust, words,
hugs, conversation,
unconditional tenderness
to renew
to restore
to be reborn
with tiny, imperceptible wings
scars like borders
to show that I've loved
to show that I have lived
struggled to the fullest extent
to make us free

Time is different now
so I have to be different
I go to sleep to be with you
even if there is this pain
I live to love you
even if I need more courage
to be brave
to be complete
to be at your side
spinning through space
tumbling without no other purpose
than to gestate, flower, seed, sprout, unfurl
the tender roots of an explosion
in your earth, my land, my love, my darkness

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