Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today land, bread, poetry

Arnoldo García
Land, bread, poetry

Today there is
for everyone,
Bread for all,
for those that prefer them.
Poetry for all,
Sonnets for the English-bound
Corridos for the wanderlust
Rap for all my streets
Haiku for revolutions
Cielitos for internationalism
Sones for the chaos of community
Rock n roll for all the old bones
blues for our struggles
The music of the disappeared for the survivors
The stream of consciousness for the undocumented and the bombed out city
Mayakovsky for the eternal working class
Dalton for the ugly utopianists
Pain, pan, pane, خبز, Хлеб, tlaxcalmana, kurinda, fry-bread, buñuelos
with chocolate for all
Land for all
(Except you can't take or have other people's land)
Return the canyons, the plains, the mountains, the rivers, all the sacred places, the forests, the deserts, the waters, the ancestors
to the earth (everywhere, silly)
Land is community, is people, is bread, is poetry.

Land and bread without poetry impossible.
Land, bread, poetry for all, then peace & justice will come.

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