Monday, April 09, 2012

War Son | April 9: 9th Poem

Arnoldo García

War Son

Cindy Sheehan will not pay federal taxes
Has not, will not, for the last eight years
Her son was killed in the U.S. war on Iraq eight years ago
She says:
I will pay all my taxes
when you give me back my son alive.
The war, all wars, declared or undecrlared
Are immoral, illegal
The U.S. invaded Iraq to force Iraqis
to pay their taxes to the empire of oil and military
Her son, a soldier of the empire
Was killed in Iraq
Cindy Sheehan and five thousand other U.S. familiesPaid the ultimate war tax
Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families paid
All the back taxes owed to the U.S. empire since 1492
 An anti-community war
An anti-local peace war 

The first casualty of the US war on Iraqi
was an immigrant

An anti-immigrant war
An anti-family war
An anti-mother war
An anti-natural world, anti-air, anti-soil, anti-ants, worms, birds, beasts war
The breast milk of Iraqi women is contaminated with uranium
A war on the wombs of humanity
An anti-woman war
An anti-breast-feeding war
An anti-fetus war
A war on the future
A war on the womb of humanity
A war on the cradle of civilization
A war on all Iraqis
And anyone who looks like one
A racial profiling war at home and abroad
An anti-Indian war
An anti-indigenous war
A war on pollen
A war on cross-pollination
A war on flowers and song
A war on our ancestors
A war against dinosaurs
A war on the dust of the big bang
A war against the stars
An anti-star war
A glorification of the fantasies
of the master card race.
A war of bullet, bomb, nuke, military words against tongues that only flap poems
A war on poetry
A war on poets
A war on language
A war to militarize the heart
A war against beats & flows
A war against the DNA of stars and suns

Cindy Sheehan
will not pay her taxes
Until the war on Muslims ends
Until the war on Buddhists ends
Until the war on Anahuac ends
Until the war on Mama Pacha ends
Until the war in our souls end 
Until the war on Christians ends
Until the war on Christ ends
Until the anti-christ war ends
Until wars end
Can the federal government resurrect her son
on the third day?
on the third world war?
on the infinite wound of tenderness
against the infinite war of wars?

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