Friday, July 29, 2016

Electric blind blues

My eyes
have broken
the lightning
the campesino electrocutions
in the fields
of verdant fears
in the footsteps
of indian shadows
the lightning shards
cut up my liver
scrape the sockets
of my eyes
with the darkest threat
of starless nights
the crickets call out her name
over and over
displacing thunder,
dispensing with formalities
on the drum
of my senses
the lightning tremble
slicing open the irises,
bleeding electricity.

I am going blind
because the lightning won't rise up
against the mother
as acrylic clouds
dance upon the rain
inside my skin 
the lightning broken,
lashes at the hat
the farmworker wears
to carry the sun
The lightning 
s broken,
mortally wounded,
inside my eyes
My eyes become
a mudslide of extinction...

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