Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Arnoldo García

The commonest manifesto (excerpts)

the hammer and sickle was the first successful world-wide branding of a revolution.
You'd never mistake the hammer and the sickle, a worker, a campesino, an industrial
revolution claiming the lives of ecologies, farmlands, the earth's dna in humanity, seeds,
continental confluences, tributaries and ocean world currents bringing us together
colonization, crystallization of human bones and communes now crying out
for a return to the thirst
I don't want a working class revolution.
I want to dismantle the industrial smokestacks, the oil refineries, the paving over of aquifers,
dissolve the combustible explosion, dismember the nuclear imagination into
small quarks of tenderness for the natural world
The art of the commune starts somewhere even on a factory floor
where the human automatons rebel, refuse work, refuse to be appendages
the human appendicitis is coming to a peak oil stop
proletari-arte to dehumanize humans,
make them creatures of the water-ways and seasonal migrations
this is the commonest manifesto:
clean air
clear water
clean soil
for human community
winds in her lungs and to dry her tears
xocolatl (muddy waters) to mix it up with the ancestors of today and tomorrow
dirt-eaters all: maize, beans, calabacitas (squash), chiles, flores, hierbas (weeds and herbs)
we eat dirt by eating plants that sprout their wings in the dirt

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