Tuesday, April 06, 2010

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Arnoldo García


I have stopped
fighting my English
garbling my Spanish
denouncing the Aztecs
ignoring my Purépecha tongue
on which war rages
and rage cries unbroken

I am a polygamist
married to many languages
with many more lovers
I am faithful
to all my words
in any language
in any land
on any body
my people invented french kissing
we stick our tongue in your mouth
to taste and desire every dictionary
lust translators interpret
the same dream
in so many dusts
in so many mouths
our lips the shock troops
our desire to subjugate your tongue
by any verb necessary
your ears fall
and your body follows
and your imagination hobbled
speak in tongues but don't mumble
vomit doves and poison syllables
I speak out, denounce and debate against myself
I am split in three
and my tongue
binds my wounds
and my tongue
heals my bones
and laps up
the water from your body

My tongue drills
endlessly into your ears
guaguanco on the shell of your being
a human vibe
to turn you against yourself
that garbles
my ways
and makes a mockery
of the root
of a different world

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