Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Arnoldo García

curanderas dignidad

The curanderas put their hands on
my body, rubbed my skin with
plants and the palms of their
penetrating hands. My body
becomes one body as their
hands shape and pull at
every contour and curve of my
body. The curandera is the
body of bodies, who embrace
themselves, who absorb all
my sorrows, ghosts and
pain massaging me into
myself: I have a curandera,
therefore my body exists.
I am reassured of the
existence of the world, the
cosmos and my body where
her hands reside, live,
struggle, dream, become and
make my body real. My grandmother,
who healed with her thoughts, prayers
eyes and hands, had three bodies:
her body as mother, lover and
Her body as a woman who loved
other women equally and in
some cases more than she loved
her husband and her family and
even herself.
Her body as a healer, a curandera,
who negated her own body
who leapt out of her body
to make your body bodily, a
maternal temple, existence. This
was the only body capable of holding
all her bodies together. She could
cuddle and nurture babies, even
baptize them when she didn't
believe in the baptizer.
Because she was a bodily-healer, she
died but her body continued living
not only in my body and in those
she healed and cared for
but in her own body. She rescued
us even after death, took care
of us after we buried her and
then came back to visit me
twice before saying farewell
to this place, this part, this dimension
of the world
she built, healed, smiled at,
cultivated flowers, plants and
fruits. The curandera is a
seed, floating, holding on,
taken care of, planted, cultivated,
watered, sprouting people and
flowering for the next
She wanted to be wanted and
she would dress as a man
to go to the dances and
dance with women, she would
charm and seduce and make
them whole, make each one
two women in one and she, three
women in one body forever
gestating herself, self-gestating
the community, her family, her
lovers. Her hands, her stretched
body stretched by having given
birth to six girsl and six boys,
were, are her dignity, not mute
out loud gentle tenderness from
her lips. She counseled:
if you are in a tight situation,
violence or humiliation aimed at
you, do not answer in-kind.
If you don't know what to do,
what to say, how to react:
respond with your dignity,
react with your dignity,
answer with your dignity
and nothing can stop you,
no one can get away from you
no one will raise their voice
against you because dignity
and nothing else will matter
Your dignity will shut down ignorance.
her dignity was the cure,
la curandera la dignidad

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