Wednesday, April 06, 2011

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arno!do garcía

April 6.

[another excerpt from guerra poemas
from La revolución emplumada]

Anwar Balousha mourns
his five daughters
killed by an Israeli flying an Apache [sic]
helicopter who fired missiles
at a mosque in Jabiliya
Anwar's house was destroyed
by the blasts
Four of his children escaped.
Samar, six years old
Dina, seven years old
Jawaher, eight years old
Akrav, 14
Tahrir, 17
all crushed to death
where they slept
Five missiles
one for each daughter
Five daughters
one for each missile
Five girls
Five centuries
Five Malinches
in the refugee camps
in the migrant camps
Israeli drones in the dark night
looking for their targets
Using infrared television cameras
the Israeli found the five sleeping beauties
five dreaming peace or love
or family or just asleep resting
getting ready for the next day
But how do you get ready
for the next day of bombardments
atrocities. F-16 jet bomber pilots
destroying mosques,
homes, schools, universities,
markets, killing and maiming

Palestine becomes modern ruins


My daily to-do list

1. Build a new country: only humans & the natural world allowed

2. Create, speak a new language, call her: human

3. Be loved & love

4. Accept tenderness
in all her shapes,
forms & powers

5. Organize a
guerrilla, a little war,
of poetry

6. Visit my family,
my neighbors, adopt them.

7. Eradicate sadness, suffering,
abandonment, all inhumane forms of being human.

8. Draw a map of
the desired world,
superimpose the new world over
the known world.
Now throw away the map
of the one that's easier
to live and struggle in.

9. Tag your dreams on walls,
make graffiti in your bed

10. Celebrate, honor your ancestors-to-be
Build altars to them before they die
not after they've been shot, killed, disappeared
and never knew they were living gods

11. Surprise myself,
be happy with my worldly life, dream again and again.

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