Thursday, April 05, 2012

La revolución emplumada | The revolution is to be human

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Arnoldo García

Tus palabras me alientan
tus manos me liberan
tu cuerpo me cambia, me trastorna
con la ternura

Tus palabras son la iel que vibra y viborea
entrando en mis sentidos
(aunque prefiero tu piel contra la mía)


Too much struggle
not enough love
will harden the eyes
and flay the heart.


You can organize with laughter
laughter will bring down the empire
laughter can stop the war
laugh at the rich
and see how long they last
before turning over their ill-begotten gains.

The revolution is plumed by laughter
draped in tears that cannot be
stopped. Laugh and the revolution
laughs with you. Too serious
and no one, especially the
revolution of laughter, will take you seriously.
The revolution of laughter makes
no concessions to those without
humor. Stalin never laughed, not even at his crazy world power scheme,
Hitler always frowned,
no pleasure in global genocide,
whose sole aim
was to eradicate even the
laughter of the German race
Stalin who let the posters smile as he
slaughtered the proletarian happiness
every five years or so.
The revolution will laugh or not be at all.
The revolution will soar and not let herself be dragged
The revolution is to be human....

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