Sunday, April 04, 2010

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Arnoldo García
my words my languages are nothing more than my lovers

I am not a train
my tongue is not a railroad
my heart is not a steam-engine,
my language is not a combustible explosion
I do not stop to switch lines so that someone may understand me

I am a transnational suicide language bomber
I have dictionaries, dirt and communities strapped to my chest
I explode in mixteries

I am not a code-switcher

I am a river of sounds made by communities
in the dust
I cough up ancestors
cambio al español
paddling through the rough waters
of having english forced down my throat
drowning my Mexicanness
under the whips and slaps
of white teachers
monolingual monsters
who feared anything they didn't understand
and attempted to break down
My language is a wild horse a crazy horse an untamable horse
a migrant horse
un caballo locote
un caballo indomable
un caballo que relincha con el viento

i am no code switcher
i do not change directions like a train
no i am fluid water muddy waters avalanches lavalas
a mass movement of syllabic hammer and sickles
a dictatorship of communal tenderness
a french kiss con labios mestizos
un beso que nunca puede ser un kiss
un beso donde intercambios saliva ancestral y deseos hondos
como las raíces de mi lengua y sus lenguajes
mis palabras no son más que mis amantes.

my words my languages are nothing more than my lovers

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