Saturday, April 03, 2010

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Todos los días, todas las noches
Every day, every night

Dos poetas hoy / Two poets today:
Arnoldo García & Angel Soberanis (Muteado)

Arnoldo García

Tongue Effigies

the moon is full tonight
in La Realidad the moon is a mirror
in Toppenish the moon is a lost migrant
in Oakland the moon is the face
of a mestiza
in Nicaragua the earth is a satellite
of the moon (Sandino's final hideout)

Tonight she bears her scars
the rabbit of ancient marathons, becoming:
homeless moon
unemployed moon
undocumented moon
terrorist moon
prostitute moon
celular moon
speak english-only moon
and she sprinkles kerosene on my tongue
effigie of my burnt language tongue
my tongue chasing back the sun
the moon a blunt dagger
thumping against my tongue
an effigie for your desire


Angel Soberanis

Axocoti cintlaolli

Purple corn reminds me of my grandma mi abuelita back in

Michoacan….teaching my moms how to

sing the songs of keeping the struggle

alive with beans and rice.. with love and

sacrifice.. with patience and not wating

for the right time.. las tortillas a mano

just like you craft a movimiento con

cuidado u need to know how…and even

do I can’t hardly remember my abuelita

cause I was to young to recall I taste the

revolution en las tortillas de mi ama… y

las Adelitas.. Asata Shakur.. las mujeres

de Chiapas y Oaxaca and indigenous

people through out the world reminds me

of the rebel spirit that lives in our people

nuestra gente valiente fighting for 500

years and counting… cause we were not

born slaves that’s why we run away…

cause we were not born slaves that’s why

we run away..

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