Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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arnoldo garcía


My brain is a network of languages
you here read in english
My brain processes everything three times
in english
in spanish
in pocho dream languages

I translate every syllable among every syllable
i am at the speed of molecules
bouncing making chaos out of every sound
combining and recombing
until i spit it out

Marx called language practical consciousness
you hear, you read, you think what I speak, write, or gestate to you
my tongue is a superhighway of consciousness
the transtongue of humanity

I am a human bridge of words with feet, desires, six senses, tattoos
lover's eyes that are sabers or tenderness
I jump from one language bank to another
my tongue gets wet or swept away, drowning, in the currents of my throat.
I go over or under each language knowing that she is a bare electrical chord of lightnings
that can electrocute me, sear my tongue
with an explosion that rises up from the belly of the earth
blows a hole the size of a tractor in my tongue
all the words spill out of the dam of my breasts
Please drink me, do not let me evaporate in the blasting sun or thunderstorm...

Please note: This is the 14th spontaneous poem for 30 in April 2010.

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