Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[Poema 17] Openings

I am open for poetry
I am closed for business
I am open for the sun
I am closed to the coldest shoulder.
I am open for life
I am closed for death
I am open for listening
I am closed to yelling, screaming
I am open for passion
I am closed for fists
I am open for tenderness
I am closed for forgetfulness
I am open to all the realms
of words, tongues, languages,
I am closed for silencing.
I am open for furrows,
explosive seeds, migrant hands
I am closed to pesticides,
chemical fertilizers, tractor
I am open for horizons
I am closed for mass graves
I am open for all of my ancestors,
all my relations, all the plants and animals
I am closed for genocides.

I am not the center
of the world
though I go there
every night
The center of the world
does not hold dinosaurs
and climate utopias
like in the movies
No, the center of the world
does not hold the past
or will love just anything
to do with it
The center of the world
is always the future.

with humans
and the natural world
are not
the highest
the most complex
of matter.
You don't see
the lowly insect
shitting in the water
You don't see
the crow or the sparrow
avoiding flight
to get in a car
that contaminates
the air,
pollutes the silence and
paves over the trees
You don't see the bears
the buffalo, the deer
divide themselves
as superior or inferior
based on the variation of colors
the pigment
of their fur,
the accents
of their bellows
or their migration story
There is yet to be a case, a story,
an abuse, an affront
among the elders of the natural world
showing insects,
and other creatures
enslaving another insect, bird, ocelot and other creatures
working them to death
or selling them
like chattel cattle.

Don't praise me
when I am dead
Don't bring flowers
to my grave
Don't sing songs
in honor of my spirit
or poems to keep my memory alive
Praise me now
I am still alive
bring me flowers
say you love me
and don't want me to die!
(I will tell you every chance I get
how important you are to me
my life depends on you
I love you now and in the afterlife)
Serenade me morning noon & night
Massage my body
smile into my eyes
it is not my spirit that will die
Without your hugs
without your arms around me
my body will give up sooner
Pass my words through your soul
I will live and stay alive
when you live
and love
with me.

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