Monday, April 01, 2013

[Poema 1] Six Sky Resurrection [ancient ransom note]

On the day
8 Ben 16 Kayab
Six Sky
of Río Azul

Most likely
during the year

Then in the late 20th Century
Looters took
the vessel
her grave.

Now Six Sky sits
under a glass display
(anxiously awaiting liberation)
in the Detroit Institute of the Arts.
The looters kept no record,
but the people will always remember

In December 1985
140 small pieces of
were taken from
the National Museum of Anthropology
in Mexico City | Tenochtitlán
the thieves
a message:
these priceless precious stones
are being held for ransom

Now, the Maya Zapatistas are paying the ransom
freeing Indigenous past and present
from the neo-liberal kidnappers, the grave-baron-land-robbers,
the military industrial complex of generals, soldiers, paramilitaries,
police, battalions, secret police, political parties, non-profits, politicians
and toastmasters of capital.

Six Sky
has been
between Detroit and Tenochtitlán
Seattle, Oakland, Matamoros,
Chicago, Toledo, New York
Organized into a community army
armed with the colors of the earth
their weapons are our ancestors
who have secretly taken over the underworld
putting ski-masks on the sun and moon

Gestating flesh and blood onto the skeletons of our dreamers
In the butterfly of our women
flutter two banners, two flags, their lips chanting
we shall dream
we shall win
we shall birth
we shall love
we shall shatter
we shall clench our hearts
we shall cry in community
we shall sing off the face of the enemy
we shall batter the helmeted soldier,
laugh at his bayonet
we shall stop the bullets, the bombs, the fires
And the new people
that Six Sky dreamt
in her deep sleep
in the year 450
emerge, rise, fly, speak with an earthen tongue
when we will swallow the sky
to become pregnant with clouds, rain, butterflies, milpas, babies,
chidlren-ancestors, who slept in our arms
and made thunder rise
from the maize, the frijol, the women, the men,
the elders, the still-born, the invaders, the raptors,
who remembered then:
Six Sky was resurrected in the sixth sun….

[1984-2012, unfinished words of mariposas | c.s]

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